Andrews & Kurth

Project Location: Houston, TX

Date Completed: May 2004

Owner: Andrews & Kurth LLP

Architect: Gensler

Square Feet: 202,500


The Andrews & Kurth project is a 202,500 square foot, nine-level interior re-stack and expansion in Downtown Houston. The elevator lobbies include teak wood panels, Calacatta marble flooring, raised ceilings with light coves, and fabric panels. The large kitchen and dining area is complete with appliances, cable television, and multiple types of seating. The conference floor has twelve various sized rooms with a servery with teak wood paneled movable walls to enable access from either side.

Client Testimonial:

Beginning in the summer of 2000, Andrews Kurth was approaching the intersection of multiple expiring leases in several cities, a large merger in Houston which would require taking on additional new space, expansion in several offices, a major multi-floor renovation in the Chase Tower in Houston, a computer room upgrade and a new coffee bar for good measure. Bill Livesay and I approached these challenges with a combination eagerness, excitement and focus.

With office leasing professionals and an architectural team in place, we shifted our priority to the selection of a General Contractor. We wanted a contractor who would be able to assist in the early stages of cost analysis, provide insight into the project timeline and manage the construction with a steady hand. DE Harvey was selected as our preferred general contractor and, for much of the next 7 years, the primary team... skillfully guided us through a maze of construction projects.

In addition to handling quite capably the basic construction issues, the team experienced some moments and anecdotes that will last long after all of the construction has been completed and forgotten.

'Where are my lights?' and 'How did it go with the inspectors last night?' became catch phrases for many of the projects. These good memories and a hundred more are moments that will remain with us for many years.

Now years later, we have completed the majority of these projects. To say we are satisfied with the role of the DE Harvey team would be understating our appreciation. Having the same team for many of these jobs brought a cohesion and spirit that contributed to the overall success of these projects, and made them enjoyable as well. On time and on budget were, as always, the goal we always worked toward and, in the end, achieved.

In addition to building great interior spaces that we can be proud of, we have also built lasting relationships for which we can be grateful. Thanks to all of the DE Harvey personnel who have worked with us in the past. We hope to be a part of your future success."

Jim D'Imperio
William Livesay
Andrews & Kurth 

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